Mixtape Review: CyHi The Prynce – Black Hystori Project


  The black sheep of Good Music is at it again. With Yeezy himself serving as executive producer, we get CyHi The Prynce’s new mixtape, “Black Hystori Project.” Cyhi has always been the underrated southern lyricist from GOOD Music that most people are familiar with due to his verse on “So Appalled” from Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ” album. Cyhi though, has always been dope and this project solidifies his spot as one of the top pure spitters in the game.


  As Black History Month comes to a close, Cyhi gives us some dope joints inspired by legendary Black figures (“Huey”, “Mandela”, “Basquiat” etc..) He layers his verses on this mixtape with dope lyricism and powerful messages. He paints vivid pictures of real life events and his great use of the multisyllabic rhyme pattern really allows listeners to flow along with his verses. Great use of wordplay and punchlines have always been a strong point for CyHi and he more than delivers on this mixtape. Rhymes like “I write my Graffiti in Swahili” are what really allow CyHi to stand out from his peers.


  The standout track “Mandela” showcases CyHi at the top of his game lyrically and combines it with powerful production as Cyhi pays homage to Nelson Mandela on the hook. This mixtape shows that he has an empowering message to get across, and he does his best by incorporating that message into these songs. Another favorite is the song, “Basquiat,” which has a nice piano laced, jazzy beat, and CyHi lyrically paints a masterpiece. His references to geniuses of all forms of Art really make the song stand out. It’s a creative track, paying homage to another legendary black figure. CyHi is not just a lyrical genius, he also knows how to make dope songs. Songs like “February 29,” “Black Pride” and “Good Night” are nice smooth, celebratory party songs, and CyHi sounds right at home. On the song “Cydel Young,” CyHi gives us a snapshot of his life and delivers as a standout track.


  The production on this mixtape is excellent. A compilation of great producers allow this mixtape to be versatile while keeping the beats A1. The mixtape is filled with powerful, soulful, smooth, and nicely layered production. The sampling on this mixtape was very dope, especially the sample of Outkast’s “SpottieOttieDopaLiscious” on the song “Good Night.” The production is enjoyable to a high extent, and shows that CyHi has a great ear for beats, and also can hold his own by nicely complimenting the production and not letting it overshadow his lyrics.


  Overall, I think this is CyHi’s best project to date, and shows that he is finally ready for that debut album push. I think 2014 will be a good year for CyHi. He’s a dope Atlanta lyricist that has a message, a great ear for beats, and the ability to make good songs. As a whole “Black Hystori Project” delivers a cohesive project that efficiently reaches it’s goals and has heavy replay value.


About Andrew Barnett

Young writer from Alabama. Music lover and enthusiast. I've been a writer for years now and I write about any and everything. From news and politics to music and sports. Lover of research and learning.
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