D-Tay – Sky’s The Limit Mixtape Review


This project starts off really special; The way the beat comes in explains the title perfectly. You actually feel like you’re about to be taken on a path to the sky from how it starts. Then you hear “The Sky’s the limit, you want it, go get it.” If that’s not a motivating way to start a mixtape I don’t know what is. D-Tay’s newest offering, “Sky’s The Limit” is filled with motivating lyrics, slick metaphors, fun moments, and true passion.

As serious as that intro was, the next song starts off with “Girl gone twerk for a trill n*gga” I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. On one hand it makes listeners feel comfortable to know that every song will not just be super serious. On the other hand it’s a drastic change from the intro.. I like it regardless though.

D-Tay does a pretty good job of mixing it up on this mixtape. Nothing seems overwhelming, and everything seems to flow pretty smoothly from track 3 on down. One thing that impresses me about D-Tay is his songwriting skills. His pen game is very nice and you can tell that he doesn’t just say the first thing that comes to mind. His words and structure are both very intricate.

This mixtape is definitely an upgrade from his “Determination” project. He is much more polished and sounds comfortable on the songs now. His beat selection is better and his writing is still very sharp. Another thing I like about this mixtape is that the features are carefully selected and each guest appearance makes sense.

His subject matter is very much spread out on this mixtape. D-Tay shows his ability to rap about a variety of different topics, and his does so in an effective manner.

“Sky’s The Limit” is enjoyable and deserves a listen from all hip hop fans. Due to the wide variety of songs, you may come across a track or 2 that you may not like, but this is a complete project in the most literal sense of the word. D-Tay has a bright future ahead of him in the rap world due to his writing talent and pure love for hip hop.

Favorite Tracks: “Piece Of My Mind”, “The Come Up”, “Better”




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Young writer from Alabama. Music lover and enthusiast. I've been a writer for years now and I write about any and everything. From news and politics to music and sports. Lover of research and learning.
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