Fr33 – Inn3rturmoil Mixtape Review


The guys at R4/LOM are at it once again. This time donning a new rap style and a new lifestyle, FR33 brings us into the Epik Lyfestyle, with “Inn3rturmoil.”

FR33 has shown an immense amount of improvement from his Teen Titan series. He still has that raw unpolished delivery but he has managed to learn how to blend his style in with the beats. His content and subject matter is still there like it has always been. With so much negativity going on in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, he has plenty of serious issues to rap about. He takes advantage of his voice and freedom of speech to the fullest extent. But it is not overkill, as he has no problem expressing his love for hip hop and his love for the cannabis plant as well.

One thing that stands out about this mixtape is Fr33’s beat selection. Simply put, it’s great. Not only are the beats dope but they are versatile and Fr33 shows that he can bend his unorthodox flow to match any beat that he chooses.

Fr33 throws little clever lines throughout the mixtape here and there. He also lets listeners closer to him through personal and emotion-filled lyrics. Overall Inn3rturmoil plays out as a very solid and listenable album. The Lil Wayne soundbite on the intro was a very nice touch to start the project with and “Walk With Me” was the true definition of an Outro song.

This project seems to be the first step in the direction of a strong-willed young rapper on a mission to make his voice heard. Shoutout to the whole R4/LOM camp and Epik Lyfestyle.

Favorite Tracks: “Walk With Me”, “Hello”, “Epik Lyfe”, “Flavors”


About Andrew Barnett

Young writer from Alabama. Music lover and enthusiast. I've been a writer for years now and I write about any and everything. From news and politics to music and sports. Lover of research and learning.
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