Random Playlist Song Of The Moment: Ruff Endz – No More

Today’s random playlist song comes from the year 2000. Back when RnB was in still in full swing and the production was still super dope. Baltimore duo Ruff Endz gave us this hit and had everybody singing “No more shopping spreeeeees” that whole Summer. The song peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was number 1 on the RnB Charts for one week. Produced by Eddie F and Darren Lighty, here is “No More”

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Frenico – I Wanna Fly

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Raheem Devaughn – Love Sex Passion Album Review


Have you ever heard an album that you could use as marriage enhancement? Raheem Devaughn’s “Love Sex Passion” gives me that kind of feeling. It’s been ten years since Raheem released his debut album and he just continues to get better. “Love Sex Passion” picks up from where his 2013 release “A Place Called Loveland” left off. He does a great job of encompassing love perfectly. This album gives you the purest form of RnB and beautiful production to go with it. If you are an RnB lover this is something that you don’t want to miss out on as gems like this only come along every now and then. “Love Sex Passion ” is a creative flow of romantic artwork.

This album is love, that’s the best way I can explain it. Raheem is able to grasp every kind of RnB possible, from slow love ballads to sensual soundtracks to grooves that make you want to dance. The creativity in his concepts combined with the great production and singing just capture a listener and takes them to the thoughts of love. The song “Queen” which is a tribute to women just as his song “Woman” might just be even better than “Woman” with how it truly captures the greatness of a woman and endless appreciation. Songs like “When You Love Somebody,” “All I Know,” and “Terms of Endearment” are able to paint such a vivid mental picture of love that you might just get stuck while listening to the songs. His sensual songs like “Black Ice Cream,” “Temperature’s Rising,” and “Sun Proof Room” are perfect soundtracks for the bedroom. And “Pretty Lady” is just a feel good song that’ll have you tapping your foot and swaying your head before you know it.

The production on the album is amazing, especially the engineering of his voice. The use of live instruments and ear-pleasing sounds make each song flow so smoothly. Another thing you may notice is some songs on this album are reminiscent to that of other RnB artists, much like “A Place Called Loveland.” “Baby Come Back” can be closely related to Voodoo era D’Angelo, which comes as no surprise that it was co-produced by one of my personal favorites, Bj The Chicago Kid. While songs like “Pretty Lady” and “Temperature’s Rising” have references to Jodeci and R. Kelly. Another great aspect of this album is the harmonies and melodies that Raheem puts together. He is able to use his voice as an instrument so well.

Overall this album is just a beautiful listen and a must-hear for any RnB lover. Raheem may just give you hope in love again with this album. Raheem continues to prove his artistic talent with great lyrics, wonderful song arrangement and original concepts. “Love Sex Passion” is what RnB should sound like.

Songwriting: 9/10
Production: 8/10
Cohesiveness: 8/10
Replay Value: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Standout Tracks: “Black Ice Cream”, “Terms Of Endearment”, “Countdown To Love”, “Queen”

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Domino Cash – Marshawn Lynch

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Gen. Stasia – Young Royals

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Trice – Music Mondays(On a Tuesday)

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My Ten Favorite Hip Hop Verses Of All Time(Not in order)

I’ve been listening to hip hop since I was a baby. I started understanding the lyrics when I was around 3 years old in 1993. Over the years I have become a die hard hip hop fan and have literally listened to over 100,000 songs at the least. I’ve developed favorites in every aspect of the genre and today I’m going to list my favorite hip hop verses of all time. I love so many verses so it was difficult to compile this list but I finally got it together. There was no way that I could order these verses so I’m just listing them in random order. There is something about verses in hip hop that affect the human ear differently than any other genre of music. It is poetic in nature and can be deciphered in different ways depending on who’s listening to it. These are my personal favorites: Continue reading

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